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  • Man holding handful of Prilled Urea ice melt

    Prilled Urea

    Man holding handful of Prilled Urea (ice melt)

    Prilled urea can be used for several things. You have most likely found this page because you were looking up either Ice Melt or Prilled Urea - keep reading to learn more about how it can be used, what it's used for and who you can buy it from!

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  • Workers scooping snow off of public pavements

    What is Prilled Urea used for?

    Workers scooping snow off of public pavements

    Prilled Urea is a nitrogen fertilizer manufactured by the reaction of ammonia and carbon dioxide and thus, it is used largely in agriculture as a nitrogen rich fertiliser.

    In our case, we sell Prilled Urea / Ice Melt as a de-icer, as it's a fantastic way of melting away the office on a large scale, e.g. Multi-Story Car Park. Read on, to find out why Prilled Urea is the better choice over other de-icing products

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  • Why use Prilled Urea over other de-icing products

    Handfulls of both Ice Melt & Brown Rock Salt

    Here is a short list of the benefits of using prilled urea, over other de-icing products:

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  • Where can I buy Prilled Urea / Ice Melt

    vehicle driving on slippery road

    You can buy Prilled Urea, here! We are one of the leading suppliers of Prilled Urea / Ice Melt in the United Kingdom. We supply to near all corners of the UK. 

    There is other suppliers, when Googled, however as we have such a large reach using large, established delivery networks, you will nearly always find us more competitive. 

    If you have any questions about Prilled Urea, or to see if its suitable for your job, simply Contact Us.

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How does rock salt work? - It is, in fact, a simple function of chemistry and physics, and particularly, the nature of water.

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Winter tyres

Winter tyres are made of a special compound with a high silica content, and have a tread pattern which means they are more flexible at lower temperatures and will brake better on ice than summer tyres. Their overall performance is not as good as summer tyres, so they’re not a year-round option, but if you live in an area that has a lot of snow and ice, they’re a good choice for winter.

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