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Who is the BEST supplier of White and Brown De-Icing Salt?

Man holding a handful of de-icing salt
Choosing the right supplier is absolutely imperative. You could be literally throwing money down the drain & it's not as simple as searching for the cheapest supplier.

Delivery Time Frames

It’s really important to check the delivery times of the company you’re going to use. Some may be cheaper, but they may take an extra 2 days for delivery… worse yet, they might not deliver in your area!

Always, always - check the delivery information on the website you’re viewing, or call the company to find out their delivery time frame. For example, some of our products like Turf, are freshly cut products that are delivered on a Next Day Service, whereas our Rock Salt isn’t a living product, therefore we put it on a Standard 2 - 4 working day service by default. Companies will sometimes name their shipping methods with vague titles, like ‘Economy Delivery’(??). This isn’t done for malicious reasons (the majority of time), so, it’s worth finding out the delivery time frame before you hand over, your hard earned cash.

Delivery Reach

Large delivery networks generally cost more to use than smaller, less established networks. As we have been operating for just shy of 10 years, we now use one of the largest and most reputable networks in the country, which allows us to deliver to near all corners of the United Kingdom. This is an absolute godsend for us (and for our customers) as we can offer competitive rates for the whole of the country. It also allows our customers to have access to a larger catalogue of products than they might be privvy to, from a local builders merchant.


We use a calendar system that allows the customer to enter in their delivery date of choice, which will then be pulled through into our order system, which can then be checked by our Customer Service Team. It’s important to establish a specific date in which you will receive your goods, so you can plan your week, to the day.


The BIG one!

Whilst we aren’t the cheapest in the market, we are very very competitive. We offer some of the fastest delivery times in the country, including a Next Day Delivery service on near all products. Alongside this, we offer a tracking service & a direct phone line to our Customer Service Team who will chase an ETA and report back to you. We use one of the largest delivery networks in the Country, allowing us to deliver to you close to 99% of the time. This is just a short list of things you get when you purchase your de-icing rock salt through us.


Not to beat a dead horse, but, please please consider the information above, before purchasing your product. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.