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What is Brown Rock Salt?

Brown Rock Salt is also known by the name, Halite. However, the majority of Rock Salt Suppliers, ourselves included, refer to this product as Rock Salt. You might have heard people referring to road salt or grit salt, these are other names for brown rock salt when used for de-icing purposes.. 

This leads really well into telling you what we use brown rock salt for. Rock Salt has a multitude of uses, but the main uses are for preventing ice and melting snow and ice on paths, roads and car parks. It's the stuff you find in grit bins at the side of the road and the salt speard on road out of gritting lorries.

There's a lot of history behind rock salt, but, the digestible version is: we source it from mines of ancient underground salt deposits and most importantly, the majority of rock salt is mined in the UK. This means it's quicker and easier to deliver it straight to your delivery point.

We supply Brown Rock Salt for de-icing in 25kg Bags, 950kg Bulk bags and even in Loose loads, delivered throughout the country!

Man displaying Brown Rock Salt

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Where does Rock Salt come from?

Rock Salt comes under several different names, but, the main distinction is that, de-icing rock salt is a rock, rather than a mineral, showcasing the difference between rock salt and the salt you have in your kitchen! 

Rock Salt can be found all over the world. It is typically formed by evaporation of salty water like seawater. Salt normally forms in deposits ringing dry lakebeds, inland marginal seas and in enclosed bays and estuaries' in arid regions of the world. In times gone by, very large areas of water evaporated and makde large amounts of rock salt. Marine sediments would then bury the salt. Halite is less dense than the marine sediments so it would push its way up through the sediments creating a dome like structure. 

About Our Brown Rock Salt

The Rock Salt we supply is mined in the UK and graded to BS3247:2011 (Highways Agency Standards), which means it is crusged and screened to contain granuals between 1mm and 6mm in size. It contains an anti caking agent to prevent the salt from forming lumps, this ensure it is free flowing and is therefore suitable for use in grit spreaders.

Our Full Specification & Rock Salt Material Data Sheet is available on online 

Brown Rock Salt has a dry density of approx 1.28 tonnes per m3 or 1.44 tonnes per m3 when wet.

Highways Spreading Rates for Rock Salt:

These figures are at best a guide for use on highways with properly calibrated spreaders: 

  • Dry road frost or ice 10-15 grams per m2
  • Wet road frost or ice 20-40 grams per m2
  • Snow on roads 40-60 grams per m2
Spreading rates using pedestrian spreaders will be significantly higher.