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Ever Wondered How Snow is Formed?

How cold does it need to be to snow? Snow is formed when the moisure in the atmosphere gets cold enough to begin to freeze creating tiny little ice crystals.  These ice crystals then begin to bump into each other

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What is White De-Icing Salt? | Starting from £132 | Rock Salt Shop

What is White De-Icing Salt? As one of the leading suppliers on White De-icing Salt, we take pride in how we can supply such a high quality of White Salt whilst not compromising delivery time. Rock Salt Shop is one of the few salt suppliers who have the capability and network to bring several different sources of White Salt into the country, to then be distributed within a few short working days. If you're in desperate need for De-Icing Salt, we can deliver it both in bulk bags or in smaller...

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Increased Capacity and Distribution

Increase Capacity and Distribution We have now extended our rock salt distribution network with the addition of four new distrbution depots around the country enabling us to increase our bagged rock salt storage capacity, improve delivery speed and reliability and decrease haulage costs to our customers. 

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