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Keeping Yourself Safe in Winter - Do's and Don'ts

As the nights draw in, and the clocks go back, it seems like a good time to consider winter safety and how to keep yourself healthy and well throughout winter.


1)     Eat and drink healthily

It can be tempting to stay indoors and eat junk food when it’s cold. But with so many more germs about in winter, you need to keep your immune system well topped up. So make sure that you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and drink milk or eat yoghurt regularly to keep your body as healthy as possible. Make sure you eat a good breakfast, to give you energy for the day, and stop you wanting to snack. And soup is a great option in winter, as it gives you plenty of vegetables, and also helps you to keep warm and fill up, without having to take in huge numbers of calories.

2)     Get plenty of sleep

The Christmas party season will be upon us before we know it, and late nights will be the norm. But just remember that your body naturally wants more sleep in winter, and try to catch up on any serious shortage whenever you can.

3)     Keeping safe around the house

On cold mornings, you can find that your drive and paths are frozen and icy. Take precautions the night before to prevent yourself slipping: when a frost is forecast, sprinkle some grit salt around to prevent ice forming. Buy it now and keep it in stock for when you need it.

4)     Taking care in snow and ice

Of course the easiest way to stay safe in the snow is not to go out, but that’s not much fun! It’s also not very feasible if you have children, who will want to go out sledging and building snowmen. But there are some practical things you can do. First of all, always wrap up warm, especially if you’re going to be standing around while children build snowmen. If the ground is icy and slippery, wear sensible shoes; if you have to wear smart shoes at work, then carry those, and wear boots to walk along the icy road. Walk slowly and carefully, and concentrate on what you’re doing, and you’re less likely to slip.

5)     Don’t be there!

And finally, a word about safety in the dark. It sounds obvious, but alleyways and similar places that are fine during the long light summer evenings are not quite so good in the dark. Yes, it will take longer if you go round by the main road, but there will be people and cars, and it will be safer.

And for businesses, if you want a little reminder about winter preparation, there is a useful little video on YouTube about de-icing. It reminds you about what to stock up on, and what to do to clear away snow and prevent ice, in just over a minute. Perfect!