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How is Salt delivered?

Your Salt Delivery Questions Answered

How Do We Deliver Salt?

What Size Vehicle Is Used To Deliver Salt?

We deliver, by default, using an 18 tonner. This vehicle has curtainsides. It's 9 meters long, 3 meters wide.

As curtain sudes are used, delivery addresses with overhanging trees / bushes (vegetation), may be tricky - if you have any questions, please Call our Customer Service Team

How is Salt Offloaded?

The Driver's vehicle is equipped with a Manual Pallet Truck & a Tail lift.

The tail lift is lowered flush with the ground, - which needs to be flat & hardstanding.

Once lowered, the goods can be moved a (short) distance - the majority of our deliveries are left on the pavement if it's deemed the safest delivery point.

Do We Use A Hi-Ab (Crane)?

We don't use a Hi-Ab / Crane delivery service - we use a larger, more established delivery network, that deliveres to near all 4 corners of the United Kingdom.

We use a Manual Pallet Truck and a Tail Lift delivery service to deliver our goods (see 'How is Salt Offloaded?', above)

When Do We Deliver?

Can I Select A Delivery Date?

You can!

We are of the few companies in our industry, who offer a Date Picking service. When proceeding with your Checkout, choose a corresponding Delivery service, alongside your Delivery Date.

This is made easy, by only showing you dates that are achievable using this service (similar to a Doctors booking system).

Can I Choose A Delivery Time?

Yes & no.

We have an AM Delivery Service, that guarantees delivery between 9am - 1pm on the day of your choice.

This service is exclusive to our telephone orders - simply Call our Customer Service Team (click to call)

Can I Get A Delivery On The Weekend?
We can deliver both White Salt & Rock Salt on Saturday (using the Saturday delivery service at Checkout).

Unfortunately, the delivery networks that deliver the size of goods we sell, do not operate on Sunday.
Do I Have To Be There?

Not necessarily - infact a lot of deliveries take place when our Customers are at work - this being said, we do encourage our Customers (or friends of) to be there when the delivery takes place. The reason for this being, if there's an issue (e.g. Can't find the address), it's really important the issue is sorted on the day of delivery (within the 20 minute delivery window).

If the driver can't make the delivery, he will need to be re-booked (and paid again) to be sent back out - unfortunately, the cost of re-delivery would be passed on to the order placer.

Have a question about this - our Customer Service Team can answer it for you - Click to Call us, now.

Bulk Deliveries

How Can I Order Bulk Salt In 8 Wheeler / Artic Loads?

It's really easy - the way it should be!

Call our Customer Service Team - they will get you a competitive quote.

How Quickly Can Bulk Salt Be Delivered?


We deliver Bulk Salt as fast Next Day to some areas, and as slowly as 5 days to further away areas. To find out when you can receive your Bulk Salt delivery, call us for a quote.

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