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Handful of Ice Melt in mans hands

What is Ice Melt?

Ice Melt is a de-icer, also knows as 'Prilled Urea'. It's actually a fertilizer, that contains up to 46% nitrogen. The product itself is produced by the reaction of Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide under high pressure, which is then shaped into small spherical prills.

Ice Melt has been used for as a de-icer for quite a while now, especially by businesses, as it's a superior product for a few, key reasons. We touch on this, later.

What can Ice Melt be used for?

As mentioned above, Ice Melt is used mostly as a fertilizer. This being said, it does have other uses, the biggest one being, a de-icer. Lots of business use prilled urea as their preferred de-icing method, alongside several schools that we work with. There is a really good reason for this, which will be explained later, but, in short it's a cleaner product!

Why Ice Melt is a great choice

Ice Melt is a fantastic choice for many reasons, here are a short few:

So now you can see why so many people choose to use Ice Melt.

Is Ice Melt the best solution for me?

Now you’ve seen the benefits of using Ice Melt, but it can’t be the god send it seems, right? Well, you’re not wrong, there is things to consider when using Ice Melt. By weighing up this options, you can decide if Ice Melt is the best option for you.

We don’t recommend using this around animals - Ingesting the product is a big no no (as with virtually every other de-icing product), therefore mitigating the risk of this, is something to consider.

Use this product away from sources of water. This isn’t a concern for most, but it is worth mentioning, that this is a product that can contaminate water.

As with any de-icing product, only use it for the purpose it was intended for. It’s common sense, but, it’s always worth mentioning.

Why is Ice Melt more expensive?

White De-Icing Salt

Ice Melt goes through an extensive process to be made and refined, therefore it attracts a slightly higher cost. It's only natural to pay more for a superior product, but that's why we offer all of the options in our product catalogue, so you can weigh up the best option for you.

The fact of the matter is, Ice Melt isn’t the only product you can use to melt ice. There are other options, e.g. Rock Salt or White De-Icing Salt, both are suitable options with their own pros and cons, which are talked about in our quick-to-read article.

If you are on a budget, the brown rock salt will be a good option for you, however, it’s leaves a brown residue behind and can clog your carpets, so check your shoes before entering your house / place of work.

If you have more to spend, choose a white de-icing salt, it’s a better option and is purer, with no grit in. This way you don’t have to worry about clogging up the carpets, or an unsightly residue being left behind.

To conclude, it’s more expensive due to the creation process, and the results it is going to give - it’s not the only option and it’s always worth taking your time and weighing up the pros and cons of each option.

Is Ice Melt better than Brown Rock Salt?

It really depends.

As mentioned above, Ice Melt is a fantastic option and the results are better (so, Yes is the answer), but it’s more expensive and we don’t recommend using it around animals.

If you have slightly more to spend, or you have a larger area to de-ice, then Ice Melt is better than Brown Rock Salt.

If you are on a budget and or you have a small area to de-ice, then save your money and go for the Brown Rock Salt. Don’t spend more when you don’t need to. You can choose the best option for you, this is merely a suggestion.

Is Ice Melt better than White De-Icing Salt?

Again, it really depends.

White Salt is cheaper than Prilled Urea and is a cleaner product, as it’s made by repeating the process of flooding huge salt pans or salt beds with sea water and allowing the sun rays to evaporate the water, leaving a crystallised salt deposit behind. 

It’s not as taxing as creating Urea (ice melt).

White de-icing salt honestly doesn’t have many negatives, and for most cases, I would personally choose White Salt over prilled urea. Again, it’s down to the size of area you want to de-ice. If it’s small, save your money and go for White De-Icing Salt, it’s most likely going to the best option.

Purchasing Ice Melt with a Purchase Order Number

We work with hundreds of Public Sector Organisations every single year, including schools and councils. To make the process as easy as possible, we accept Purchase Order Numbers - Simply e-mail us a purchase order number, alongside a delivery address and the product requirement.

If you are in desperate need for the product, please email us and call us, so we can ensure we can book you in as quickly as possible.

Purchasing Ice Melt Online

Purchasing Ice Melt online has never been easier. We have an easy to follow system, that will intuitively guide you through the ordering process. Simply click on this Ice Melt product link and choose the amount you would like to order.

Here’s a small breakdown:

  • Choose the Pack Size you would like to order
  • Click ‘ADD TO BAG’
  • *You will now be taken to the Cart Screen*
  • Click the red button labelled ‘Check Delivery Charges’ (you can’t miss it)
  • Enter your postcode & choose the appropriate delivery method
  • Read through the delivery instructions
  • Hit the ‘Checkout’ button - you’re on your way!

How is Ice Melt delivered?

Delivering Ice Melt is relatively easily, more so than most people expect.

That being said, it’s important we clear up the most important things!

We deliver using an 18 tonne curtain sided vehicle, which uses a manual pallet truck and tail lift to lower the goods off of the back of the vehicle.

18 Tonners are large and this needs to be considered when ordering. They are 3( 9 foot) meters wide, and 9 meters long (30 foot). Please ensure there are no signs suggesting 7.5 tonners are the only option for that road.

We need a completely flat and hardstanding surface to offload onto, as the pallet trucks have no brakes.

Additionally, we predominantly deliver to the kerbside, which means we need a drop kerb that is flush with the ground, so we can gain access to your pavement and driveway.

We brake this down to cover the major points, but, delivery itself is genuinely straightforward - For more detail, please read our Delivery Page.

Is Ice Melt safe for animals?

Some sources online will tell you it is completely fine for animals, and some will tell you it’s deadly. So, we air on the side of caution and suggest that Ice Melt isn’t used around animals, as we do not want them to ingest the product, more so as a general safety concern.

Does Ice Melt affect plants?

Unless used excessively, Ice Melt should not affect your plants. That being said, de-ice your driveway, not your plants!

We kid.. spread liberally and don’t throw excessive amounts of Ice Melt onto one small area.

Where can I buy Ice Melt?

We are not only the leading supplier of Ice Melt in the United Kingdom, we use one of THE LARGEST delivery networks, to increase the chances of delivery to your area. We work closely with hundreds of depots, dotted around the country to ensure you receive the quickest delivery times possible in your area.

Other retailers are available, and if there is a local company to you, we always suggest using them. This way you’re supporting your local business, which could pay off in the future. That being said, many places in the UK, potentially where you live, have next to no retailers selling Ice Melt.

Use our product catalogue and reserve your Ice melt, today.