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It pays to know the difference and benefits that Brown Rock Salt and White De-Icing Salt have and what they have to offer, so you can find the one that is the best for you.

They work in very similar ways and achieve the same goal, allowing us to use them through the winter, to melt the ice and keep our roads and pathways clear, keeping us safe!

However, there are a few things to consider, including the benefits that each salt brings. Hopefully this information can help you decide which salt works for you.


Rock Salt is the salt that most people refer to when they mention grit salt or road salt. Brown Salt is nearly always used on the roads, being spread by gritting vehicles throughout the winter.  

The Important Stuff

Rock Salt comes under different names, the main one being Halite. You might have found this when you were searching for Rock Salt for Sale. We actually source Brown Rock Salt in the United Kingdom unlike White De-Icing Salt. Rock Salt is mined in a few places over the country, in salt mines. 

Following on from mining the Rock Salt, it goes through less processing than you might think! 

Consisting of Sand, Dirt, Sodium Chloride, etc. The build up of Rock Salt, makes it great for increasing traction on slippery roads as well as de-icing. The only caveat with Brown Rock Salt, is that it leaves a muddy sludge behind, which can be trodden into carpets and such. For this reason, it's mainly used a residential grit, clearing the pavements, making it safer for all of us to walk on. 

With this being said, let's discuss the pros and cons to using Brown Rock Salt.

  • Readily Available - As Brown Rock Salt is mined in the country, we can source the product which quicker than the White Salt, allowing us to meet your order dates easily!
  • Cheaper - Brown Rock Salt is cheaper than White Salt as it's easier to source and mined within the country. If you need to cover a big area, i.e. covering your local pavements, it would be the most economical.
  • Left behind residue - Brown Rock Salt isn't perfect. It often leaves a residue behind which can be trodden into carpets.


White De-icing Salt is sourced from several countries and is considered cleaner than Brown Rock Salt, as it is sourced by evaporating sea water, rather than mining it. 
The Important Stuff

White De-Icing Salt is sourced from countries with much hotter weather than we are blessed with. Perfect examples of these are Spain and Egypt.

These countries have fantastic climates that provide us with White De-Icing Salt with a high concentration, that doesn't contain a whole variety of materials like Brown Rock Salt. As this is the case, you get more genuine salt and it also has a greater aesthetic appeal and leaves virtually no residue!

With this being said, let's discuss the pros and cons to using White Salt.

  • Readily Available - Although not sourced within the country, we have taken extra steps this year to make sure we have the stock ready for dispatch! 
  • Cleaner - With Salt being the near standalone material, in White Salt, there won't be any brown residue left behind, unlike with other rock salts. Meaning Schools, Hospitals, Shops, etc. Would have less of a problem with their carpets getting clogged up with Salt, meaning less cleaning for everyone!

  • The Price - With White Salt, you're going to pay more to buy it. If you need to cover a large area and the left over residue won't be a problem, Brown Rock Salt is your cheaper option.


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