What's to know?

The rock salt we supply is mined in the UK and graded to BS3247:2011 (Highways Agency standards), which means it is crushed and screened to contain granuals between 1mm and 6mm in size. It contains an anti caking agent to prevent the salt from forming lumps, this ensures it is free flowing and is therefore suitable for use in grit spreaders.

Full Specification

Brown rock salt has a dry density of approx 1.28 tonnes per m3 or 1.44 tonnes per m3 when wet.

Highways Spreading Rates for Rock Salt:

These figures are at best a guide for use on highways with properly calibrated spreaders:

  • Dry road Frost or Ice, 10 - 15 Grams per m2
  • Wet Road Frost or Ice 20 - 40 Grams per m2
  • Snow on Roads 40 - 60 Grams per m2

Spreading rates using pedestrian spreaders will be significantly higher. 

Did you know?

Brown Rock Salt is also fed to cattle as a mineral supplement and carved into lamps and decorative objects. Brown Rock Salt is a naturally mined product formed of many centuries from dried up sea bed deposits.

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