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Every year we have an influx of Schools, Councils and Universities, who are in need of Rock Salt. This was prevelant in 2017, especially, as the whole country had a shortage of de-icing salt!  That's why this year, we have stocked up early and are now more prepared than ever, ready to tackle the challenges this winter will bring. 

We work slightly different to most and it's worked in the favour of Public Sector Organisations massively. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Reach

    We use one of the most extensive Delivery Networks in the country. Working alongside hundreds of Delivery Depots placed conveniently round the country, we can delivery efficiently, quickly and conveniently!

    Not only can we deliver Next Day, we also have the capability to book an AM or PM specific run. This allows many of our customers, including Schools to, use less resources, more effectively, which in turn, is cheaper. For many of our Residential customers, this helps in many ways; In specific, we've found over the years, many people like to take half a days work off, to take delivery and start their project, rather than waiting in all day! 
  • Stock

    Last year, the country ran out of the product, when it was needed the most! This year round, we have spent even more time and planning to make sure we will be able to provide rock salt for as many people and organisations that need it. 

    With these precautionary measures in place, we can ship stock even quicker than last year, as there should be no unforeseen circumstances, cropping up anytime soon!

  • Communication

    As we have direct communication with the Delivery Networks and their Depots, we can find Estimated Times, Change Deliveries, Book AM or PM's within a few short minutes. After any changes to an order, we will let you know straight away! Whether it by E-mail or Phone, we will get in contact and keep you in the loop, all the way through to Delivery. 

    One of the biggest problems we have seen throughout 9 years of operating as a company, is the lack of communication and the consequences that follow. As we are an Online Business only, we rely on our reviews. If our customers aren't informed, it is catastrophic for us, too. This is the reason why we ask for a Contact Number and an E-mail, and why we send real-time Tracking Information. 

  • Customer Driven

    Again, this is a phrase a lot of companies use to sound customer orientated. I can't stress, how Customer Focused we are and have to be to survive and thrive as a business. We're a very, very small office, who run, maintain and improve our website(s), so the whole process from start to finish is as smooth as possible! 

    Whilst navigating through the website, you will notice how we have managed to maintain a high rating from our Customers throughout the years and the reviews, speak for themselves. Thankfully, many of our Customers have taken the time out of their day to e-mail in and send pictures of their completed projects, to show us, after their hardwork, what beautiful gardens they have made. 

    It may seem small, but as a company that can now cover the majority of the United Kingdom, our Customers are the most important part of any idea, project or service that we provide. 

  • Purchase Order

    As we can get our products sent out next day, it's more convenient for nearly all of Schools, Universities, Councils, etc. to order with a Purchase Order Number.
    We send an invoice, before sending out any goods, to make sure we have everything correct and any worries or discrepancies can be dealt with before any goods are sent out. With this being said, this doesn't take long at all and as mentioned we can get goods sent out, next day! 
  • Brown Salt

    Available in 25Kg - Loose Bulk Loads. 
    Quick & Reliable Delivery 
    Public Sectors can order using a Purchase Order

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  • White Salt

    Available in 25 KG - Loose Bulk Loads.
    Quick & Reliable Delivery
    Public Sectors Can order Using a Purchase Order

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  • Prilled Urea

    Available in 25 KG Bags
    Quick & Reliable Delivery
    Public Sectors Can order Using a Purchase Order

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As mentioned above, we can provide Next Day on nearly all of our products. We can provide a product for virtually any and all of your needs this Winter. We have our products listed online, so it's easy to navigate. 

If you would like to order online, you can checkout as normal. However, if you would like to order using a Purchase Order number, either get in touch via phone, or e-mail. All of which can be found on our Contact Us Page. 

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