What is Prilled Urea used for?

When can I Buy Prilled Urea?

How much does Prilled Urea cost?

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What is Prilled Urea Used For?

Prilled Urea's uses are few and far between, we use them for De-Icing Purposes. Prilled Urea is a great de-icing agent and is used as an alternaitve to rock salt or white de-icing salt as it does not promote metal corossion to the extent that salt does and is therefore used in Multistorey Car Parks and similar steel and concrete buildings. For more information on Prilled Urea and it's uses, the Wikipedia page goes into lots of quality detail.

When can I buy Prilled Urea?

Whenever you need it. As we use one of the largest delivery networks in the United Kingdom, we can cover nearly all of the Country and we can do it the Next Day! 

Not many companies can offer that. Alongside our competitive prices, our fast and reliable delivery methodsgive us the headstart on many other suppliers.

Either place the order online, call or e-mail us and we can get Prilled Urea delivered to you, when you would like it.

How much does Prilled Urea cost?

This is the biggest factors as a prilled urea supplier. Thankfully, with the extra precautions we have taken, to secure sufficient stock for the weather predicted, our prilled urea prices start as low as £174 for 10 x 25kg bags. As a prilled urea supplier, we offer some of the best prices in the industry. You can use this link to take you directly to our Prilled Urea.
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