Preparing For Winter | The House Check List

There are many jobs that we have to do around the house and garden to make sure your ready for the cold days and nights of British winter.  Here is a quick check list of things you may have forgoten to do or check:

  • Check exterior water pipes are insulated from frost.
  • Clean gutters and roof gullys out.
  • Check bulbs in outdoor lighting
  • Feed the lawn with a winter lawn feed... more info
  • Mulch flowerbeds and borders and fleece any delicated plants. More winter garden tips
  • Keep leaves out of ponds (leaves in ponds de-oxygenises the water as the rot)
  • Check car batteries.
  • Check engine coolent antifreeze level and top up screen wash with winter wash.
  • Check your stocks of de-icing rock salt (consider a community shared grit bin it will reduce the costs and help the neighbours out!)

We hope this little list helps you out, like it or share it with your friends to help them out too! 

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