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3 Easy Steps To Completely Remove Rock Salt Stains. 

Safety is paramount, especially in Winter. And that's why virtually all road gritting that takes place, uses Brown Rock Salt (Halite). Whilst effective at de-icing, Rock Salt can leave a unsightly residue behind that is often (accidentally) stamped into carpet, causing discoloration if not cleaned up quickly. If you have found this article, post staining, do not fear, below is 3 easy steps you can take to clear up that stain! 

Step 1) How to Create the Cleaning Solution

This magical potion is crafted from rare and expensive ingredients. Not. Use a simple mix of equal parts White Vinegar and Water... Yes it's that simple.

Place the equal mix into a spray bottle and go to town! 

If the smell of vinegar is too pungent for you (I can't stand the smell), you can add a few drops of oils like Vanilla or Tea Tree. 

Now if you're wondering why would I use vinegar on rock salt, there's actually a few really good reasons why - take a look:

  • It's a natural born stain fighter. Most people know how strong vinegar is, it's acidity ranges between 2.5 to 4, which means it strong to break up soil particles. We can skip the in-depth science behind it, as we're merely using it as a tool, but just know that the acidity gives the Vinegar STRENGTH. Almost as strong as that ungodly smell.
  • It's nontoxic. You can add it to food, and can clean windows with it, can't say that about many things, can you? Keep it simple, keep it cheap. Want to step it up a notch and use Commercial grade cleaners? No problem, we don't discourage the use of them, they just tend to be more expensive and not readily available to everyone. 
  • It's safe to use on lots of different surfaces. A vinegar solution can help lift stains and signs of corrosion - even better if can be used on carpets! Perfect for your new magic potion. 

Step 2) Spray those Rock Stains away! 

Spray away, hey! Ok, we can't make a cool catchphrase for it because it's not terribly exciting, but, doing this small task will pay off. 

Step 3) Give it time & start dabbing!

We're really trying to make this sound cool, aren't we. Spray the discoloured spots in the carpet - make sure to let the vinegar solution soak in for around 15 to 20 minutes. This will be more than enough time for the Vinegar to take effect and break down the particles causing the unsightly rock salt stains. 


Once you have given it time to soak in, lightly scrub the area with a sponge to break up any lingering salt residue. If there are any remaining tough to rid stains, simply repeat the process, until you have your desired results. 


Removing Salt Stains from Shoes and Boot is actually really really simple. Infact it's virtually the same instructions as the section shown above. The main difference is that you don't want use a spray bottle as it can get messy, really quickly. 

Step 1) Create the Cleaner

Pour some warm (not boiling) water, into a small bowl. Once this has been done, simply match the approximate amount of water in your bowl with household white vinegar. You're done. Genuinelly that simple. 

Step 2) Dip the Rag, blot the Shoe.

Grab a microfibre cloth and dip the tip into your solution. Scrunch the end of the cloth to remove excess liquid. Start to blot your cloth on the shoe and cover all of the areas affected by the rock salt staining. Make sure the stains are sufficiently soaked, if your application is uneven, your end result will be lackluster. 

Step 3) Leave to dry & review

A short while later, your shoes / boots should be nice and dry, with no rock salt stains. If this isn't the case and you're still struggling to remove the stains, add more vinegar to the solution. 


It's not all doom and gloom and you most likely won't get any issues with staining, but it's always nice to have an article explaining what to do if the worst case scenario happens. 

If you're still in need for some de-icing rock salt, we have taken the hassle out of buying the best quality, british mined rock salt.