Preparing for Winter | A How To Guide

It may seem early to be thinking about winter, but the first frost will be on us before we know, and there are plenty of jobs that are much easier to do while the weather is warmer. So get ahead, and get yourself sorted out in plenty of time for winter.

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De-icing Your Drive and Paths This Winter

clearing-snow-off-drivesHopefully the roads will be taken care of however clearing our driveways from ice and snow is a job we have to tackle ourselves. 

Make sure you are prepared for winter in advance so you save time, money and to keep safe

Here is our guide to keeping your drive ice and snow free.

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Ever Wondered How Snow is Formed?

How cold does it need to be to snow?

snowflakesSnow is formed when the moisure in the atmosphere gets cold enough to begin to freeze creating tiny little ice crystals.  These ice crystals then begin to bump into each other

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Preparing For Winter | The House Check List

There are many jobs that we have to do around the house and garden to make sure your ready for the cold days and nights of British winter.  Here is a quick check list of things you may have forgoten to do or check:

  • Check exterior water pipes are insulated from frost.
  • Clean gutters and roof gullys out.
  • Check bulbs in outdoor lighting
  • Feed the lawn with a winter lawn feed... more info
  • Mulch flowerbeds and borders and fleece any delicated plants. More winter garden tips
  • Keep leaves out of ponds (leaves in ponds de-oxygenises the water as the rot)
  • Check car batteries.
  • Check engine coolent antifreeze level and top up screen wash with winter wash.
  • Check your stocks of de-icing rock salt (consider a community shared grit bin it will reduce the costs and help the neighbours out!)

We hope this little list helps you out, like it or share it with your friends to help them out too! 

What is White De-Icing Salt? | Starting from £132 | Rock Salt Shop

What is White De-Icing Salt?

As one of the leading suppliers on White De-icing Salt, we take pride in how we can supply such a high quality of White Salt whilst not compromising delivery time. Rock Salt Shop is one of the few salt suppliers who have the capability and network to bring several different sources of White Salt into the country, to then be distributed within a few short working days. If you're in desperate need for De-Icing Salt, we can deliver it both in bulk bags or in smaller 25kg bags, on a Next Working Day delivery service!With White Salt being a cleaner product than our alternative and traditionally used, brown rock salt, it goes through an extensive process to ensure we provide a high quality product.


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We are proud to say we are one of the leading suppliers of white de-icing salt in both bulk bags and small 25kg bags. To do this we have stayed on the competitive side of pricing and providing, often free, quick nationwide delivery. 


Whilst importing the goods, due to our large stock that we have brought into the country already, we are ready to dispatch to you incredibly quickly. If your postcode is eligible for Next Working Day delivery, feel free to choose this option at the checkout. 

Buy White Salt Bulk Bags

Buy 25KG White Salt Bags

Where does White Salt come from?

White Salt is a de-icing salt product imported in huge bulk ships from around the world. It is ia marine salt made by repeating the process of flooding huge salt pans or salt beds with seas water and allowing the sun rays to evaporate the water leaving a crystallised salt deposit behind. The salt deposit increases as the process is repeated and when a large enough deposit has built up, it is harvested, graded and treated with an anti-caking agent to prevent the salt forming large lumps, this ensures the salt is suitable for us in grit spreaders. As noted above, Rock Salt Shop is one of the leading suppliers for White De-Icing Salt and we encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any questions and or you prefer to order via the phone! Call: 08719710988

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