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white-de-icing-salt-closeWhite De-icing Salt Suppliers

We supply white de-icing grit salt for melting ice and snow on paths, car parks, and roads, white grit salt can be supplied in bags and bulk loads throughout the country.  As one of the UK's major salt suppliers we hold huge stocks of white salt ready for delivery throught the country.

Benefits of white de-icing salt

  • Cleaner - white salt leaves no dirty residue
  • Purer - will not stain paving etc
  • Melts snow and ice fast

Buy De-icing Salt Online or Call for a Quote 0871 971 0988

Where Does White De-icing Salt Come From?

White salt is a de-icing salt product imported in huge bulk ships from around the world.  It is a marine salt made by the repeating the process of flooding huge salt pans or salt beds with seas water and allowing the suns rays to evaporate the water leaving a crystallised salt deposit behind.

The salt deposit increases as the process is repeated, and when a large enough deposit has built up it is harvested, graded and treated with an anti-caking agent to prevent the salt forming large lumps, this ensures the salt is suitable for us in grit spreaders. 

Rock Salt Shop supplies white salt in bags and bulk loads from ports and distribution points around the UK, call us for a quote on 0871 971 0988 or buy grit salt online.