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Prilled Urea for De-icing


Prilled urea in 25kg bags for de-icing purposes, prilled urea is a good de-icing agent and is used as an alternative to rock salt or white de-icing salt as it does not promote metal corosion to the extent that salt does and is therefore used in multi storey car parks and similar steel and concrete buildings.

Prilled urea is available in 25kg bags in quantities from 10 bags upwards, delivered nationwide.

Our de-icing urea prills are graded from 1-4mm and are treated with an anti caking formula to ensure that they are free flowing.

  • Available in 25kg bags 
  • Any quantity from 10 bags upwards
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Nationwide

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What is Prilled Urea?

Prilled urea is made by reacting carbon dioxide with anhydrous ammonia (NH3) under high presure and temperature, it is basically an organic compound of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.  Urea is safer to ship and handle than raw nitrogen products and also makes an excellent fertiliser with a minimum of 46% nitrogen content.

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