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Brown Rock Salt


Brown Rock Salt is most commonly used for preventing ice and melting snow and ice on paths, roads and car parks, its the stuff you find in grit bins at the side of the road!

We supply brown rock salt for de-icing in 10kg, 25kg and 1000kg bulk bags and in bulk loose loads delivered throughout the UK.

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Buy Brown Rock Salt in Bags

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Prilled Urea for De-icing


Prilled urea in 25kg bags for de-icing purposes, prilled urea is a good de-icing agent and is used as an alternative to rock salt or white de-icing salt as it does not promote metal corosion to the extent that salt does and is therefore used in multi storey car parks and similar steel and concrete buildings.

Prilled urea is available in 25kg bags in quantities from 10 bags upwards, delivered nationwide.

Our de-icing urea prills are graded from 1-4mm and are treated with an anti caking formula to ensure that they are free flowing.

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Why Rock Salt Melts Ice

We all know that when frost is forecast, or after you’ve cleared away snow, you put down rock salt, also known as grit salt, or de-icing salt, to melt the ice.

How does rock salt work? - It is, in fact, a simple function of chemistry and physics, and particularly, the nature of water.

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Winter Tyres & Snow Chains

We’ve discussed winter driving, and touched on snow chains and winter tyres, so we thought it might be helpful to provide a bit more information about both.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are made of a special compound with a high silica content, and have a tread pattern which means they are more flexible at lower temperatures and will brake better on ice than summer tyres. Their overall performance is not as good as summer tyres, so they’re not a year-round option, but if you live in an area that has a lot of snow and ice, they’re a good choice for winter.

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Weather Forecasting - The Dark Art

In your day-to-day life, have you ever paused to wonder how weather forecasts are made? We all rely on them, whether it’s to decide what to wear, whether to take an umbrella, or more crucially, to cover up tender plants or put down rock salt to prevent ice on paths. But how are they produced?

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